We are now accepting applications for contracts beginning Fall 2022. Fall Housing is listed under per bed or per unit housing.  BYU contracted housing is only available for Spr/Sum.

  • Only fill out one application per person.  You may list properties interested in on application.  If you need to adjust your application, please call our office.  DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS.  This will slow down the processing of your application.
  • If you have a group, please list everyone in the group as roommate preferences and make sure everyone applies around the same time so we can keep you together.
  • If you are a current tenant, do not fill out an application.  Please send in an Intent to Renew.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT WHEN FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION.  Since we do not charge an application fee, there is no need to create an account.  We can also process your application in a more timely manner if you do not create an account.
  • IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR DESIRED PROPERTY, YOU CAN FILL OUT AN APPLICATION UNDER THE MORE TAB.  Please do not create an account as part of the process.  It will delay the application process.


Business hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.  

Showings:  Call at least 24 hours in advance.

Our office is currently running normal business hours, as well as conducting showings.  


If you are moving out permanently, YOU MUST CHECK OUT.  Please call the office to arrange that.  Thanks!


Legend Real Estate

Email Address:  manager@legendrealestate.com 

Mailing Address: PO Box 1605, Provo, UT  84603 

Physical Address:  742 N 500 W #104, Provo, UT  84601 

Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri, Closed holidays and weekends

Office Number: 801-434-8840           

AFTER HOURS Emergency Number: 801-900-3910

Weeknights between 5pm and 9am, Weekends, & Holidays 

The emergency line does not handle parking issues, tenant issues (moving in or out, contracts. applications, etc) or other issues that should be handled during normal office hours.


Please call 911 for fire, theft, or crime related issues. 

To Log In: All current tenants, owners, and management companies must log in through the resident portal.


If you are putting a maintenance request, please be aware that the request itself gives us permission to enter the unit.  Unfortunately the website that we use has changed the template, indicating that you may have to give us permission to enter the unit.  This is not according to the contract that you signed.  If you are in BYU contracted housing, we are required to enter as soon as possible to complete repairs.  We are not required to obtain additional permission to enter the unit prior to completing the repair that has been requested.

If you do not know how to get on your account, please call us @ 801-434-8840 or email us at manager@legendrealestate.com. 

Please call 801-434-8840 during office hours for emergencies.



  • If you are a current tenant who would like to continue to rent a LRE housing unit, please fill out the Intent to Renew form, found on the public website and in your account under forms. DO NOT FILL OUT ANOTHER APPLICATION.
  • If you are new to LRE, please fill out an application.  If you are interested in more than one unit, DO NOT FILL OUT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS.  Please just list them on the one application.
  • If you are applying as a group, please all apply at the same time.  Failure to do so will delay the process.  We will keep you together prior to sending the contract: however, you all need to sign at the same time in order to stay a group.

Listings are posted on the website under the BYU Men's, BYU Women's, Student Per Bed, and Whole or Per Unit housing tabs. Please see the above about submitting an application or a renewal request.


To schedule a showing, after looking at the listing on our website, call 801-434-8840.  


Do not put in a CONTACT ME REQUEST for more information.  PLEASE EMAIL US DIRECTLY at manager@legendrealestate.com, or CALL 801-434-8840. 


At Legend Real Estate, we aim to please.  Whether you are looking for the perfect place to live or a great management company to make sure that your rental units or HOA are taken care of, we know how to help.  Here are some of the services that we provide:


Sales:  We can help you buy condos or houses, primarily in Utah County.


Property Management: We have been managing properties for over 45 years. We currently manage over 100 properties with more than 700 tenants.


  • HOAs:  We manage both BYU contracted housing HOAs and non-BYU contracted HOAs.  We take care of collecting dues, special assessments, paying the bills, and taking care of the maintenance of the common areas.
  • Complexes:  We manage both BYU contracted complexes and family housing complexes.
  • Individually Owned Condos or Houses:  If your rental is BYU contracted housing, we will screen all of your tenants to make sure they qualify, fill out your tenant checklist, and sign your yearly contracted housing paperwork.  We can also manage your family housing units.


Tenants:  We offer a wide range of housing options of either BYU contracted housing or family housing.  We have complexes, houses, and condo units available.  We specialize in trying to make sure that your housing needs are met.

Please check rental tab for current listings that are vacant or for sale. Rentals are listed by address. Due to the fluid nature of applications and contracts being signed, all listings may not be current.

Please call the office to schedule a showing.  If you already know that you are interested in a specific unit, feel free to fill out an application.


Legend Real Estate


PO Box 1605, Provo, UT  84603 (mailing address)

742 N 500 W #104, Provo, UT  84601 (physical address)

Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri, Closed holidays and weekends





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